Katy Clark


Pentagon collects info on embedded reporters

The military newspaper �Stars & Stripes� reports that the Pentagon has asked a public relations firm to profile journalists embedded with U.S. forces and rate the tone of their coverage. Anchor Katy Clark finds out more from editor Howard Witt.

Conflict & Justice

Honduras rivals end deadlock

Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya and his political opponents have signed off on an agreement that will allow him to return to office and create a power-sharing government. Katy Clark finds out more from Andres Conteris, of Democracy Now en Espanol.


The fortified island

For the Geo Quiz today we are looking for a British territory in the Atlantic. It is a small island, but has one of the world's highest concentrations of historic forts.


Lounging at IKEA in China

Visitors to the IKEA store in Beijing, China treat the experience more like a vacation than a shopping trip. They dress up, have a meal, and spend the day relaxing. Anchor Katy Clark finds out why from LA Times reporter David Pierson.

Arts, Culture & Media

Journey to China

In the Geo Quiz we hear from a traveler who visited his in-laws for the holidays. His nearly 7,000 mile journey started in Denver: He went to a place known in Chinese as Dongbei. Do you know what the region is called in English?