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Washington turns up the heat on BP

Congressman Ed Markey, chairman of the House energy commitee, came out strongly yesterday against BP. Julie Mason, White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner says some Democrats now expect President Obama to follow Markey's foosteps.

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Congress reacts to Iran missile tests

Iran test-fired missiles over the weekend and revealed a previously-undisclosed nuclear facility. We check in with Julie Mason, White House correspondent with The Washington Examiner, to gauge the reaction on Capitol Hill to these developments.


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Gone so soon, bipartisanship?

The Obama administration is finding few Republican allies in Washington these days, despite having high hopes of reaching across the aisle to enlist Republican support for some early initiatives. Is this the end of the effort at bipartisanship?

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The President's Summer To-Do List

President Obama's press conference yesterday addressed issues facing the nation. To recap highlights of the speech and forecast what challenges are to come, The Takeaway turns to Washington correspondents Todd Zwillich and Julie Mason.

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Obama to Address VFW Convention

President Obama stops in Phoenix today to address the annual convention for Veterans of Foreign Wars. The Takeaway is joined by Washington Examiner reporter Julie Mason, Afghanistan War veteran Kristen Rouse, and Vietnam War veteran Bruce Smith.

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Mubarak Meets With Obama

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak makes his first visit to the U.S. in five years and is scheduled to meet President Obama. The Takeaway looks at the context and what to expect from the meeting with Julie Mason, reporter for The Washington Examiner.