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Global Scan

Remember WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange? If not, he's got a T-shirt for you

Julian Assange has been staying in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for months, largely out of the spotlight. But he's trying to put his face back in front of people — literally. On T-shirts. Meanwhile, we take your questions about Ebola and, in Canada, the dollar has fallen to a new five-year low, making Canadian goods inexpensive. All that and more in today's Global Scan.

Global Scan

Where have all the honeybees gone? Barack Obama wants to know

Honeybee populations around the world are threatened, and now the US is taking action, sort of. Meanwhile, the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet moves south, and new research finds that food "tastes" better when it looks nice. That and more, in today's Global Scan.


Conflict & Justice

Legal troubles for Wikileaks founder

Wikileaks' Julian Assange could face serious charges in the United States over Wikileaks' release of government documents. The prosecution wouldn't be easy. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with John Bellinger, a former legal advisor to the State Department.

Conflict & Justice

The Wikileaks fallout continues

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is in a British jail awaiting a hearing next week regarding his possible extradition to Sweden. The fallout from WikiLeaks' disclosure of hundreds of US State Department cables continues. The World's Clark Boyd reports.

Conflict & Justice

Wikileaks founder remains in custody

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange remains in a prison cell in Britain today, despite the fact a judge granted him bail. Shortly after today's ruling, Swedish prosecutors announced they would appeal his release. Laura Lynch reports.