Jonathan Mitchell

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Becoming the Bionic Man

Charlie is the protagonist of Machine Man, a novel by Max Barry. But his story has a real parallel in Hugh Herr, a leading bionics developer at MIT, and a double amputee following a mountain-climbing accident.

Global Politics

She Sees Your Every Move

Photographer Michele Iversen has been catching strangers passing by in their own private spaces, without their permission. At night she sits in her car and watches the warm glowing windows of strangers' homes waiting for the perfect shot.

Arts, Culture & Media

Visualizing the Civil War

Illustrators like Winslow Homer (later famous for his land- and seascapes) did things the photographers could not: take audiences right into the action, behind enemy lines, and up a tree with a sharpshooter. Produced by Studio 360's Jonathan Mitchell.


Arts, Culture & Media

Reinventing the Critic

In today's scary media landscape, arts coverage is especially vulnerable. Arts critics must invent new ways to do what they do. Film critic Mike D'Angelo and visual art critic Lori Waxman are two journalists blazing that trail.