John Otis

Conflict & Justice

Honduras vote

President Manuel Zelaya was ousted in a coup five months ago. On Sunday, Hondurans will go to the polls to elect Zelaya's successor. From Tegucigalpa, John Otis reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Visiting Colombia's national parks

Despite the country's dangerous reputation, the tourist business is booming in Colombia. But some of the country's most spectacular sights, like the Ca�o Cristales River are still struggling to attract visitors. John Otis reports.

Global Politics

Deserting from the FARC

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the country's largest guerrilla group known as the FARC, is losing thousands of its fighters. They're not dying�they're giving up. Correspondent John Otis reports.

Conflict & Justice

Colombia's spy agency scandal

Colombia intelligence agency, the DAS, has been caught eavesdropping on citizens known to be critics of Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe. That's feeding suspicion that the orders came from the top. John Otis reports from the capital Bogota.

Conflict & Justice

Colombia's displaced people

Colombia is second only to Sudan in the number of people displaced from their homes because of war and violence. Correspondent John Otis reports on the plight of Colombians who may never return home.

Global Politics

Stumping for US bases in Colombia

John Otis reports from Colombia about President Alvaro Uribe's efforts to win support from other South American nations for putting some new US military bases in his country. But he's apparently finding it a hard sell.