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Deal near, but work remains, to avert fiscal cliff crisis

The efforts to avert the fiscal cliff started slowly but took on urgency over the past 72 hours. All signs point to a broad outline of a deal being reached, but it remains unclear whether both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate will be able to vote on it before the night is over.


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Warnings dire from leaked report

The leak of the report warning of failure in Afghanistan is certain to add fuel to the debate over the future of the US mission there. Anchor Marco Werman discusses the political situation with Richard Fontaine, a former foreign policy adviser.

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Can John McCain build bridges with blacks and Hispanics?

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain is courting two important voting blocs ? blacks and Hispanics. However, he trails his challenger, Barack Obama, in winning over these groups. What is McCain saying to capture their attention? Guests: Clarence Page, columnist for the Chicago Tribune, and Carlos Guerra, columnist for the San Antonio Express-News