John Kerry


How Cuba is leading the international fight against Ebola

It was a rare political moment: the US Secretary of State paying a compliment to Cuba. But that’s what happened Friday when John Kerry commended Cuba's role in West Africa, where the island nation has sent more health workers than any other country — and plans to send even more in the coming weeks.


Senate Climate Bill

With the clock ticking toward crucial international negotiations in December, and scientists urging swift action to avert climate catastrophe, the U.S. Senate launched its energy and climate change bill. The new bill could change the course of U.S. energy

Two Parties, One Climate

A Democrat and Republican reach across the Senate aisle to propose a bipartisan path to climate change legislation. David Jenkins of the group Republicans for Environmental Protection has analysis of the proposal from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of Sou

Murkowski on Climate Action

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is encouraged by the bipartisan example set by Senators Lindsey Graham and John Kerry, who co-wrote an editorial about U.S. action on climate change. Host Jeff Young asks Senator Murkowski what she thinks about

Climate Bill Hits Capitol Hill

It's been a long and bumpy road, but John Kerry and Joe Lieberman have finally brought their global warming bill to their fellow legislators in the Senate. But the American Power Act doesn't just cap emissions, it also encourages an expansion of offshore