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Europe to push for quickie British divorce as US Secretary Kerry flies in

In a move to curb fears of a Brexit crisis going global, US Secretary of State John Kerry is flying in to meet with European leaders on Monday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will host the leaders of France, Italy and the European Union in Berlin for discussions on Britain's vote to leave the EU. European leaders are expected to push this week for a quick divorce with Britain.


Global Politics

Obama author kicked out of Kenya

Authorities in Kenya today deported American author Jerome Corsi. Corsi was in Kenya to launch a book that is critical of Senator Barack Obama. Correspondent Nick Wadhams in Nairobi gives details to host Katy Clark.

Conflict & Justice

Filling Kennedy's Senate Seat

Massachusetts is being pressured to pass a bill that would give Governor Patrick the authority to name a temporary replacement for Senator Kennedy. Timothy Murray, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, tells The Takeaway about the bill's progress.