John F. Kennedy

Conflict & Justice

Ken Feinberg's curriculum vitae

Kenneth Feinberg's history of mediation made him a logical choice to administer the $20 billion escrow fund for victims of BP's oil spill. New York Times finance reporter Louise Story has been following Feinberg's career for some time.

Conflict & Justice

Eunice Kennedy's Legacy

88-year-old Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of President John F. Kennedy and former Senator Robert F. Kennedy, died early this morning. She was also the founder of the Special Olympics. The Takeaway speaks to Brady Lum, president of the Special Olympics.

Global Politics

President Obama's place in history

President Obama has been compared to several great American leaders. But in a forthcoming piece in The New York Times Magazine, writer Matt Bai argues that the danger of looking back at history for parallels is that you fail to look forward.