Jim Fleming


How we remember

Researchers, doctors, scholars, historians and others talk about memory -- how it works and how it affects us.



Scientists, philosophers, psychiatrists and others explore the mystery of consciousness.


Arts, Culture & Media

Aging artfully

A look at the life cycles of artistic creativity -- with musician Nick Lowe, author Amy Gorman and screen writer Millard Kaufman.

Arts, Culture & Media

Cultural touchtones

The Peanuts, Star Wars, Sputnik, Miles Davis, and Frank Lloyd Wright -- how these figures, creations, endeavors and events became America's cultural touchtones.

Arts, Culture & Media

Musical taste

A music writer tries to get in touch with his inner Celine Dion fan -- what the experience taught him about musical taste.

Arts, Culture & Media

Remix Culture

DJ Spooky, Derek Chilcote Bacco and Lawrence Lessig on digital media remix and mash-ups and why current copyright law is absurd.

Arts, Culture & Media

Genre Busters

The fight over genre fiction -- genre busters like Michael Chabon, Richard Price and others talk about the writings that transcend genres.