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Amateur restoration botches Jesus painting in Spain

A 19th-century fresco of Jesus Christ has hung in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church in northeastern Spain for more than 100 years. But parishioners are reeling after the beloved painting was found defaced. What was first called a case of vandalism has since been identified as one of the worst art restoration projects ever.


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Evangelicals at the Olympics

Christian missionaries are in Beijing for the Olympics, and they can't preach or hand out leaflets, but as The World's Katy Clark reports, some Evangelicals hope to find a way to share their faith at the Beijing games.

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Towering Jesus

If you've ever been to Rio de Janeiro, then you've seen the towering statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer. It is rivaled by one in Cochabamba, Bolivia. But for today's Geo Quiz, we're looking for a place in Poland that claims to best them both.