Jeff Young

Turning On Tidal Power

In honor of Earth Month we are updating some of our favorite stories. This week, we hear about the potential for ocean tides to create electricity to power the grid.

Capitol Hill Pollution Under Fire

In 2009, Jeff Young reported on protests against the use of coal at the Capitol Power plant, which supplies energy to Capitol Hill. Although the plant has taken steps to transition towards natural gas, today it still burns small amounts of coal. Now, DC City Councilman Tommy Wells wants to pass legislation that would prohibit the burning of coal inside the city limits.

Weatherization Projects

Home weatherization and energy efficiency are called the "low hanging fruit" in the effort to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But at the ground level in Boston, efficiency advocates struggle to overcome language barriers, layers of bureaucracy and other complications.

Toxic Tide - Discovering the Health Effects of the Deepwater Disaster, Part 2

Gulf Coast residents wonder if their health complaints are connected to BP’s oil spill. In part two of this special report, scientists explain their search for answers in their data from the Deepwater disaster. They’re finding a number of ways people might have been exposed, from fumes rising off the oil and dispersants to a rare phenomenon known as "oil rain."

Forecasting 2006

Advances in energy and a rejuvenated environmental movement are some of the items on Gerald Celente's list for this year's hot trends.

Farming the Flu

A look at the intensive, industrial-scale livestock operations ?fertile incubation space for pathogen mutations such as the H1N1 2009 flu.

Survivaball of the Fittest

The world's most powerful leaders made their statements about the climate inside the UN while some of the world's most clever pranksters madetheir statement outside. The Yes Men, unveiled a personalized solution for surviving climate disaster. They tested

God's Green Earth

Some of the most influential leaders representing the world's religions and conservation organizations gathered at a climate change summit in Windsor, England to set commitments for faith-based environmental stewardship.

Seeking A More Perfect Union

President Obama's first State of the Union address outlines his policy priorities, including building support for a comprehensive clean energy and climate change bill.

A Lesser Liability Load

If BP sells off some of its assets, would it lessen its liability? What if its halved stock price attracts a buyer who shrinks the company? A corporate law expert talks about BP's liability and future.