Jeff Young

Turning On Tidal Power

In honor of Earth Month we are updating some of our favorite stories. This week, we hear about the potential for ocean tides to create electricity to power the grid.

Capitol Hill Pollution Under Fire

In 2009, Jeff Young reported on protests against the use of coal at the Capitol Power plant, which supplies energy to Capitol Hill. Although the plant has taken steps to transition towards natural gas, today it still burns small amounts of coal. Now, DC City Councilman Tommy Wells wants to pass legislation that would prohibit the burning of coal inside the city limits.

Weatherization Projects

Home weatherization and energy efficiency are called the "low hanging fruit" in the effort to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But at the ground level in Boston, efficiency advocates struggle to overcome language barriers, layers of bureaucracy and other complications.

Toxic Tide - Discovering the Health Effects of the Deepwater Disaster, Part 2

Gulf Coast residents wonder if their health complaints are connected to BP’s oil spill. In part two of this special report, scientists explain their search for answers in their data from the Deepwater disaster. They’re finding a number of ways people might have been exposed, from fumes rising off the oil and dispersants to a rare phenomenon known as "oil rain."

Cash for Climate

Senator Cantwell (D-WA) explains her proposed method for limiting U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and reforming our energy sector. She calls it a "cap-and-dividend" approach, and says her bill could send energy consumers a monthly check in the mail, and cre

EPA Orders Power Plants to Clean Up

Making sure Americans breathe clean air-- the heart of the Clean Air Act-- has been tough to achieve. But a recently rewritten EPA rule will soon require deep cuts in emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitric oxides, and researchers predict the move will sav

MTBE Rides Again

As the energy bill goes to the Senate, the gasoline additive MTBE once again becomes a make or break issue.

Bush Calls for Less Foreign Oil, More Renewables

When President Bush pledged to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil in this year's State of the Union address, it may have sounded familiar. He's talked of the need to cut oil imports before, as have many presidents before him. But while in previous