Isaac Stone Fish


How Chinese media covers US gun violence

COMMENTARY: Chinese state media often hypes American problems and foibles to redirect attention away from China’s poor human rights records. And yet, when it comes to American gun violence, it takes a measured tone.


The risks of war with North Korea in 2018

North Korea has nuclear weapons, and missile systems to deliver them to the continental United States. North Korea says these are defensive. But the Trump administration sees them as a threat, and is reviewing "all options." What are the risks of war in northeast Asia in 2018?


Global Politics

Hillary Clinton may be the most hated woman in China

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was often outspoken against China, causing lots of anger and criticism among Chinese leaders and average citizens. The announcement that she'll run for president in 2016 has provoked nasty comments from China, but could that help her with American voters?


Sky's the limit for China's newest art collector

A Chinese billionaire who got his start as a taxi cab driver stunned the art world again this week. With a swipe of his credit card, Liu Yiqian purchased a famed painting of a "reclining nude" by the Italian master Modigliani.