Ingrid Lobet

Paper Trees in Precious Ground

Plantation industries have taken root across much of Southeast Asia's peatland forests, disturbing habitat with the highest carbon content in the world. The release of carbon from Indonesia's vast and deep peatlands has made this developing country the world's third largest greenhouse gas emitter. Some forest experts say slowing this release could be one avenue for quick action on global warming. But how and whom to pay to stop Indonesia's carbon hemorrhaging in places like Riau province remains unclear.

Clearcut Chemicals

Oregon residents who live near big timber are asking whether an industry practice may be the source of herbicide in their urine.

The Most Sustainable Street in LA

Neighborhoods at the foot of the hills in Los Angeles are sometimes flooded with heavy rain, but in one area the street has been re-engineered to capture the rain and water the plants.

Blessing of the Bicycles

The bicycle movement keeps growing the United States. More and more cities are holding Blessing of the Bicycle events like this one in Los Angeles.



From toilet to tap

Orange County, CA has opened what is likely the largest sewage purification plant for drinking water in the world. The community is on board, and the idea is already being copied elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad. Living on Earth's Ingrid Lobet reports.


Charging for carbon

San Francisco Bay air officials are about to assess 1.2 million dollars in fees on businesses for emitting greenhouse gases. It's one of the first instances of a carbon tax in the United States, and the real motive may be to keep the idea of a carbon tax in play.


Out of the box, housing

The increasing push to reuse materials has given one entrepreneur overnight success he says was 20 years in the making. Living on Earth's Ingrid Lobet reports on a company that turns steel cargo shipping containers into housing.


Deforestation Nations

Cutting down trees releases CO2 and reduces the amount of CO2 absorbed from the air every year. Now, the regional leaders of some tropical and industrialized countries are finding common ground on ways to curb climate change. Living on Earth reports.