Imran Khan

Global Politics

In Pakistan, no one admits to being a Burger

Pakistan's history with fast-food isn't as long as in other parts of the world. And for a long while, it was too expensive for average Pakistanis. So to most Pakistanis, people who could eat fast food burgers were the rich and wealthy. And suddenly, the rich and wealthy were being called Burgers themselves.

Development & Education

Pakistan's Election Symbols

When Pakistan goes to the polls, their ballots will not have the names of any contesting parties on them. Using symbols on ballots has been standard procedure in Pakistani elections for decades, because over 40 percent of adult Pakistanis are illiterate.

Pakistani cricket star surging to political power

Pakistan's Imran Khan has been trying to push his sports stardom into political power for more than a decade, with little success. Recently, however, he seemed to make some headway among the urban, educated population.