Ike Sriskandarajah


Millions of Africans were separated from their families and homes by slavery, but some of their familiar foods came with them.

A Lifetime of Listening

Bernie Krause recorded some famous musicians forty years ago, but left the studio to explore the origins of music in nature. He has travelled to places few have been to or even dreamed of to record wild sounds.

Fighting a Renewable Army

The Defense Department wants to run the military with more renewable power and less petroleum, but some members of Congress say the $1 billion price tag is too high.

Building Music

The cities are alive with the sound of music, thanks to one man who unleashes the natural resonant frequencies of tunnels, churches and garages.


A Tale of Two Seals

Seals have learned to speak English at the New England aquarium. It's not perfect, but they probably speak English better than humans speak Seal.

Art of Synthetic Biology

A team of artists and designers gets their hands "wet" trying to genetically engineer bacteria that smells of rain for a synthetic biology competition.

A Hundred Bronx Tales

The vital Bronx artery called the Grand Concourse is celebrating its hundredth birthday. 100 trees are helping to celebrate it with 100 stories that illuminate the borough's history.

Eau d' Fragrance Fears

Does a rose by any other name smell as sweet? The manufactured smell of a rose may come with some hidden chemical thorns. A new report suggests a number of unlisted ingredients in fragrance products may cause harm.