Francois Hollande


France is ‘at war’ with Islamists, says prime minister


The French prime minister, Manuel Valls, told parliament in Paris that the country is ‘at war’ with terrorism and radical Islamists. But he stressed France is not at war with Islam. Ten thousand troops are being deployed to protect potential targets, like Jewish schools.

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The French president turns to a rap expert to give his speeches more punch

Francois Hollande can't catch a break. He's not only unpopular, but people say he's boring. The answer? A new speechwriter, who is also a rapper. And Pakistanis are buzzing about a new $600 designer shoe that looks a lot like a popular $6 Pakistani sandal. Also, is an Indian guru dead or just in a deep meditation? All that, in today's Global Scan.

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At least President Hollande's scandal is entirely domestic

French President François Hollande is having a hard time getting any traction with his political agenda. Meanwhile, US officials are having a tough time moving past the diplomatic row with India over a diplomat accused of mistreating her housekeeper. And in Italy, a politician is finally saying enough is enough — with the racism she faces.