Faith Salie

Arts, Culture & Media

Movies vs. videogames

Fair Game's Ed Herro offers some tips on how fans of both the upcoming Iron Man movie and the video game Grand Theft Auto 4 can enjoy both new releases on the same day.


William Crawford

Faith talks to William Crawford, the co-creator of Concrete Canvas, a unique fabric that can be used to create a bulletproof shelter.


Kassim the Dream

Faith talks to filmmaker Kief Davidson and Kassim Ouma, the focus of the new documentary film Kassim the Dream, which tells the story of a Ugandan child soldier who later became the junior middleweight boxing champion of the world.

Conflict & Justice

Mat Johnson

Award-winning novelist Mat Johnson talks about his new graphic novel Incognegro, which tells the story of a light-skinned black man who goes undercover among southern whites to investigate lynchings.

Nicholas Christakis

Harvard medical sociologist Nicholas Christakis talks to Faith about his study about how conditions such as depression and obesity is contagious.