Eric Holder


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Nation of Cowards? Joe Hicks disagrees

Attorney General Eric Holder delivered interesting remarks this week in a speech to Justice Department workers. And he said most Americans are avoiding candid discussion of racial issues. The Takeaway talks to Joe Hicks, a community leader and activist.

Conflict & Justice

Tracking Homegrown Terrorists

The case against suspected jihadists in North Carolina is a startling reminder that terrorism can grow on American soil. Mitch Silber of the New York Police Department joins The Takeaway with tips on how to recognize terrorism.

Global Politics

DOJ to Investigate Alleged CIA Abuses

The Justice Department recommended that Attorney General Holder re-open cases of alleged abuse of suspected al-Qaeda members. For details, The Takeaway is joined by Vijay Padmanabhan, professor at the Cardozo School of Law, and author Mark Danner.