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Climate Change

The Green New Deal doesn't include carbon pricing. Some say that's a big mistake.

The Green New Deal resolution recently introduced by Democrats in Congress calls for the US to quickly decarbonize its economy, but does not mention carbon pricing, a strategy supported by many economists. In a recent editorial, The Washington Post laid out its case for putting a high price on carbon to encourage decarbonization rather than imposing government mandates.

Global Politics

Washington turns up the heat on BP

Congressman Ed Markey, chairman of the House energy commitee, came out strongly yesterday against BP. Julie Mason, White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner says some Democrats now expect President Obama to follow Markey's foosteps.

Historic Climate Bill Passes House Committee

A conversation with Representative Ed Markey (D-MA), coauthor of the clean energy and climate bill that has cleared its first hurdle by passing 33-25 in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The bill, H.R. 2454, is expected to be addressed by other Hou

Climate Committee

Congressman Edward Markey takes on climate change as the chair of the new House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.