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Propaganda, American style: A Khrushchev's perspective

Many Americans might think propaganda is something that happens elsewhere, but in the War on Terror, Nina Khrushcheva saw and heard tropes familiar to her, having grown up in the Soviet Union as the great-granddaughter of former leader Nikita Khrushchev. Now a US citizen and New School professor in New York, she teaches propaganda, and hopes more Americans will become more propaganda-literate. She shares some ideas on where to start.

Global Scan

Paris wants all of you lovers to stop putting locks on its bridges

Paris is the city of lovers, but maybe a little less today. Paris bridges have long been a spot people publicly declared their love — with a lock. But a new effort seeks to stop that trend. Meanwhile, an account from the New York Review of Books looks at the day in the 2000s when the NSA metadata gathering program nearly died. That and more in today's Global Scan.


Faith moment

Faith shares her thoughts on the 4,000th American life lost in the Iraq War.


Stephen Chao

Faith talks to former FOX News president Stephen Chao about WonderHowto.com, a new web site he co-created to help people learn how to successfully execute any task.

Waste and corruption in Iraq

Supporters and opponents of the war in Iraq don't see eye to eye very often, but just about everyone agrees there's been too much waste and corruption in the reconstruction effort

Global Politics

Washington continues to support Israel

As Israel continues its ground offensive in Gaza, there is increasing speculation that they timed their actions against Hamas to benefit from the last few days of the Bush administration. Scott Shane, a reporter for the New York Times, explains.