David Loyn

Positive progress in Afghanistan finally begins to emerge

The pullout of American forces from Afghanistan by 2014 has some feeling hopeful about the future of the war-torn country. But with the ongoing drone strikes in Pakistan, and continued violence in Afghanistan, it's often hard to see the progress over the border.


Afghanistan: Back to the Bad Old Days?

The Taliban fired nine rockets into the Afghan capital of Kabul, presumably in anticipation for Afghanistan's upcoming presidential election. The Takeaway is joined by David Loyn, BBC correspondent in Kabul.

Body of US Navy personnel found in Afghanistan

NATO forces in Afghanistan now say they have recovered the body of one of two U.S. Navy personnel missing since Friday. Negotiations are still going on through tribal elders to secure the release of the other man. We speak to the BBC's David Loyn.

Conflict & Justice

Taliban target WikiLeaks names

The WikiLeaks documents have far reaching consequences in Afghanistan. BBC correspondent David Loyn brings details from Afghanistan. Noah Shachtman, contributing editor at Wired says that the WikiLeaks documents should not be taken as a complete picture.

Conflict & Justice

Who Are Libya's Rebel Forces?

Col. Moammer Gadhafi's military continues an assault on rebel forces and civilians, despite five days of bombings from coalition forces. With insights on who is in charge and why it matters, is David Loyn, foreign correspondent for the BBC.