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U.S., U.K. take steps toward action on Syria

As U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel revealed that American military forces have been moved into position for any military strikes, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a recall of Parliament to vote on a government proposal to deal with Syria's recent alleged chemical attack.

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Britain's prime minister lays a 'welcome' mat for new EU citizens

David Cameron wants changes to EU immigration and movement laws, or else, but Germany says 'no way,' creating a stalemate. Meanwhile, the Chilean miners who spent two months trapped underground in 2010 continue to suffer from emotional problems. And a French comedian faces more trouble over allegations of racism and anti-semitism — in today's Global Scan.

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Just between us leaders of the free world...

British Prime Minister David Cameron probably hoped to show he was on the ball when he tweeted this photo of himself discussing Ukraine with US President Barack Obama. It had the opposite effect as parody moved into overdrive on Twitter.