Clark Boyd


Conflict & Justice

Cyber attacks on Tunisia

The World's Clark Boyd tells how cyber attacks on Tunisia are linked to the country's human rights record. He interviews Slim Amamou, a Tunis-based tech entrepreneur and free speech activist who has now been arrested by Tunisian authorities.

Global Politics

Strains within the Libya coalition

The World's Clark Boyd reports on the strains within the coalition that is enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya. Many of the European countries that make up the coalition are split on how far it should go to protect Libyans and what role NATO should play.


PechaKucha humanitarians now help at home

The World's Clark Boyd reports on a group of architects and designers around the globe who organize day-long events to generate ideas and money for disaster relief. This time, it is for Japan, the home of the people who started the effort back in 2003.