Christopher Werth


Meet the hacking prodigy you definitely want on your side

Chris Doman doesn't want to scare you, but cyber attacks are only getting worse. That's why some hackers like him are pouring their time into "network defense," trying to keep out cyber intruders that want to steal everything from credit card numbers to industrial secrets.

Global Scan

Kim Jong Un is not impressed by your discount haircuts

Kim Jong Un is known around the world for his hair, but evidently he's a little sensitive about it. The "dear leader" of North Korea wants a London barbershop to take down a promotional photo that uses his image with the words "Bad Hair Day." That and more in today's Global Scan.

Arts, Culture & Media

Playing the Eiffel Tower

An American composer Joseph Bertolozzi is in Paris collecting sounds from the Eiffel Tower. He's banging the struts, bolts and girders and recording the results. With that, he plans to compose a piece of music.