Carol Hills


Ska legend as political as ever, aiming at police who kill

Pauline Black is founding member and lead singer of the 2-tone ska group, The Selecter. Fans of the band know that social and political messages are part the band's DNA. The Selecter wrote songs about cultural/racial diversity and inequality in the 1980s and today they're tackling many of the same topics, with urgency.


Controlling AIDS by treating AIDS

Can we treat our way out of the AIDS epidemic? On World AIDS Day we're partnering up with The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health for a discussion about the "treatment as prevention" strategy for eradicating AIDS.

Health & Medicine

This catchy West African dance tune carries a public health message about Ebola

When you hear a catchy dance tune and find out it's called "Ebola's in Town," you might assume the song is about some cool person named Ebola. But no, it's about the deadly virus that's currently taking lives in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The song was recorded by three musicians from Liberia and the lyrics are about how to avoid contracting the Ebola virus but along the way it over-reaches and feeds into the stigma against the disease.

Arts, Culture & Media

Cartooning Egypt's Turmoil

Political cartoonists are registering their own opinions on the ouster of Mohammed Morsi's by Egypt's military. The World's Cartoon and Satire Editor Carol Hills talks about how the cartoons' messages vary according to the region where they were drawn.