Bruce Wallace


What you missed in US immigration this year

The largest immigration detention center opened. Refugees from Bhutan struggled with depression and suicide. And migrants rode The Beast. These are the stories from 2014 you may have missed.

Global Politics

How New York City's Latino politics are shifting

New York City attracts people from more ethnic backgrounds than nearly any other place on the planet. But some groups dominate and, among Latinos, people with roots in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have long dominated. But an influx of immigrants from Mexico, Central, and South America is changing that.


Conflict & Justice

US citizen jailed in Burma

A US citizen named Kyaw Zaw Lwin has been in prison in Myanmar�also known as Burma�for nearly two months. Recently he went back and was arrested. Reporter Bruce Wallace speaks with his fiancee, Wa Wa Kyaw, to find out the latest in the case.

Arts, Culture & Media

The Mosque in Morgantown'

A work that's up for an Emmy is the musical score for a documentary film called �The Mosque in Morgantown'. The film's score is by Kareem Roustom. Reporter Bruce Wallace sat down with Roustom.

Arts, Culture & Media

Mehmet Ertegun and jazz

Bruce Wallace reports on concerts being hosted by the Turkish Embassy in DC. They commemorate a series of ground-breaking concerts organized in the 1930's by the sons of Ambassador Mehmet Ertegun. Ahmet Ertegun went on to form Atlantic Records.