Bruce Gellerman

Cherry Blossom Birthday

The Japanese cherry trees that line the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. are turning 100, and the unseasonably warm weather means they will bloom early this year.


Scientists discover a new type of planet – a watery world enshrouded in a thick, steamy atmosphere.

Dying Yellow Cedars

Scientists solve a century old mystery when they discover what is killing yellow cedar trees in the Pacific Northwest.

President Proposes 2013 Budget

The President’s 2013 budget furthers projects such as education, clean energy and infrastructure renewal but has drawn expected criticism from opponents of deficit spending.

BP & The Trial of the Century

The most complicated environmental trial in history is about to get underway to determine who’s at fault and what share of the responsibility belongs to the players in the BP oil spill.


Out of the Loop

Knik, Alaska is a tiny town at the entrance to Iditarod. With the trailhead moved, Knik Bar, a local watering hole, has an identity problem. Host Bruce Gellerman speaks with owner Darlene Donnelly.

The Baby Business

A talk with author Debora Spar on how money and politics mix with yearning, in the commerce of conceiving babies.

Field Notes

Author Elizabeth Kolbert travels the world to get firsthand accounts of the effects of climate change.

Which Way the Wind Blows

An Alaskan Congressman has introduced an amendment to a Congressional budget bill that would threaten the nation's first major offshore wind farm project.

Water Dialogues

At the World Water Forum in Mexico City, differing perspectives on global water issues led to disappointment for most parties involved.

Chernobyl at 20

A look at the controversy surrounding health problems related to the nuclear meltdown in Ukraine 20 years ago.

Nuclear Renaissance

The U.S. nuclear energy industry is making a big push to expand with new reactors in the Southeast, despite concerns of cost and what to do with all that radioactive waste.