Bruce Gellerman

Goldman Prize Winner Caroline Cannon

The Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded annually to grassroots activists across the globe. This year’s North American recipient works to keep Arctic waters safe for her native Inupiat community and the ecosystem that sustains them.

Seal Sitters

On the shores of Alki Beach in western Seattle, Seal Sitters, a group of concerned neighbors, have come together to protect the urban beach’s seal pups.

Greening The Internet Cloud

If cloud data storage were a country it would rank fifth for electricity usage. Greenpeace is prodding companies like Apple and Facebook to get their energy from renewable sources instead of coal and nuclear.

South Africa Gold Mining Lawsuit

South Africa’s gold mining industry is at the center of the biggest class action lawsuit in Africa’s history. Miners allege companies’ negligence resulted in thousands of cases of the deadly lung disease, silicosis.

The Amazon's Last Uncontacted Tribes

There are as many as 60 uncontacted tribes living in the Amazon rainforest. National Geographic writer, Scott Wallace, spent three months trekking through the forest to look for signs of native people living there.


Dustbowl Warning

The U.S. Forest Service warns that the Pacific Northwest is in for yet another season of drought conditions which could lead to dust storms and fires.

The Segway Revolution?

Guest host Bruce Gellerman takes the latest model of the Segway for a spin, and talks with the company's chief engineer about what needs to change to make Segways a regular sight on America's sidewalks.

Oil Reserves

A look at the White House decision to open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a result of the loss of millions of barrels of crude oil production caused by the impact of Hurricane Katrina.

Loop Current Powers Hurricanes

Hurricane Rita intensified as it passed over extremely deep and warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico. The so-called "loop current," says Professor Nan Walker of Louisiana State University's Coastal Studies Institute, is a normal feature of the Gulf. Measurin

Flood Lessons

After the devastating 1953 flood in the Netherlands, engineers there built an elaborate network of dikes, islands and floodgates. The New Orleans flood is causing Dutch politicians and specialists to re-examine their protection systems and the country's r

The American Venice

Given that most of southern Lousiana is going to be under water in the next century, reconstruction of New Orleans needs to encompass a new vision. So says Bruce Babbitt, former Secretary of the Interior. Babbitt believes the Big Easy should be made into

Celestial Update

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson asks what's the use in counting planets and tells LOE the latest on an asteroid that may be heading our way.