Bruce Gellerman

Cape Wind Spin

One filmmaker chronicles the ten-year battle over a massive windfarm in Nantucket Sound, off Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Central Park-- An Urban Oasis

The beauty of Central Park lies in its desgined landscape and unique trees. One New-Yorker and tree-lover has walked every inch of the park to map 19,933 of the park’s trees.

Explosive Natural Gas

There are more than a third of a million miles of natural gas transmission pipelines in the U.S., and more to come. But sometimes they rupture, devastating homes and lives.

Remote working

The 30th modern summer Olympics open in less than three weeks in London. Local officials are working with consultants to encourage workers to find alternative office spaces and reduce traffic in the congested city.

Euro Trash Powers Sweden

Sweden's successful waste-to-energy program converts household waste into energy for heating and electricity. But they’ve run into an unusual problem: there isn’t enough trash in the country to fuel the incinerators, so they’ve begun importing waste from European neighbors.

Paradise Lost?

Mongooses invade yet another Hawaiian island, endangering the state’s native wildlife, especially birds.

The UN Summit…What’s it Wirth?

The mood of hope from the first Rio Earth Summit 20 years ago darkened over the years, as goals to preserve species and limit greenhouse gas emissions weren't met. But U.N. Foundation president Timothy Wirth says there's a cooperative way forward today towards sustainable development.