Brian Stelter


Amazon's new show might mark a new era in how you watch TV

Amazon's highly regarded new show, "Transparent," follows in the footsteps of binge-friendly releases from Netflix. But the giant company is releasing it alongside a new offer that packages broadband Internet with access to streaming services — and it might be a look into TV's post-cable future.



The rescue as a media event

Many people around the globe have followed the rescue efforts in Chile online, on their radios, and on TV. Brian Stelter is a reporter with the New York Times, and is one of the writers of that paper's Media Decoder blog. Lisa Mullins talks with him.

Global Politics

Shrinking the American broadband gap

The Obama administration has made universal access to broadband Internet a top priority, but a new FCC study says that 31 percent of Americans can't afford the cost. Should broadband access be treated like a basic necessity and subsidized?