Bobby Bascomb

Romance and Spring Harvest At Paradise Lot

For most gardeners, springtime means a few seedlings on a window sill. But for perennial gardeners, spring is a time of harvest. The new book, , is a personal and heartwarming account of finding romance and growing a permaculture food forest of perennial plants on a degraded backyard plot in a gritty neighborhood of Holyoke, MA.

Preaching for Keystone

Trans Canada, the company proposing the Keystone XL oil pipeline, needs permission from land owners to have the pipeline cross their property. The oil company has dispatched land agents across rural Nebraska to make their case and get landowners to sign on the dotted line. One such land agent has attracted controversy among rural Nebraskans because of his day job. He’s also a part time Baptist preacher.

Fish Farm Food or Dog Treats?

For the month of April, Earth Month, we look back at a Living on Earth story and then catch up with our sources for an update. This week we hear a story about using leftovers from a college cafeteria as a source of food for tilapia fish grown in an aquaponic system.

Whales at Home in the Caribbean

In the spring, humpback whales begin their annual migration north to various parts the cold and food-rich waters of the North Atlantic. But the entire population cozies up during winter in the warm waters of the Dominican Republic.

Amazon Deforestation on the Rise

After more than 6 years of steady declines the deforestation rate in the Brazilian Amazon has more than doubled in the last six months. Many observers blame recent changes to Brazil’s Forest Code for the dramatic rise.

US Carbon Emissions At A New Low

US carbon dioxide emissions have gone down by 13% in the last five years to the lowest levels recorded since 1994. Cheap natural gas, renewable energy and increased efficiency largely explain our reduced emissions.