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NYPD monitored American Muslim student activities across Northeast

An internal report from the NYPD leaked this week to the Associated Press confirmed that for the past 10 years the NYPD has been conducting surveillance on Muslim student organizations across the Northeast United States. The report paints a surprising portrait of just how far the NYPD's intelligence division went in monitoring American Muslims for terrorist activity.


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Busting the Would-Be Bombers

The Takeaway is continuing its coverage of the foiled New York City terror plot. How did operatives infiltrate the group and quash their plans? We turn to Bob Hennelly, a reporter at WNYC, and to Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at the RAND corporation.

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Obama hits the campaign trail

President Obama hits the campaign trail this week, stumping for some vulnerable Democrats. He starts his trip fundraising among Wall Street bankers, a group the White House is simultaneously chastising. How much will his appearances help other candidates?