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Hip-Hop Reacts to 9/11

Right after 9/11, Davey D, a longtime hip-hop journalist and radio host, remembers rappers throwing benefit concerts for firefighters and cops. "I remember Canibus joining the army, and Eminem penned some words about Bin Laden, wanting to get him."


Conflict & Justice

Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia was home to many of the men who carried out the 9-11 attacks. Today, al Qaeda's ideology is still present in the country. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Mideast expert Gregory Gause about Saudi Arabia's recent efforts to fight extremism.

Looking for the 'new Bin Laden'

U.S. intelligence officers call Pakistan-born Ilyas Kashmiri 'The New Bin Laden.' Christopher Dickey, Paris bureau chief and Middle East regional editor for Newsweek, joins us from Jordan to discuss the terrorist.