Bill McKibben

Oil and Honey

Bill McKibben is the closest thing the grassroots climate movement has to a celebrity. Co-founder of, he catalyzed opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline and is now urging institutions around the country divest their holdings from fossil fuels. His new book, Oil and Honey, is half activist memoir, half meditation on beekeeping in Vermont.

Home Grown

Writer Bill McKibben takes on a bet that he can make it through a winter eating food grown only in his native Vermont.


Arts, Culture & Media

Environmental art in Iceland

For the Geo Quiz, we head for the southern-most village in Iceland. This quaint Icelandic village is 100 miles or so south-east of the capital Reykjavik. This outpost is one of several far-flung settings for an environmental art project called 350 Earth.

The Long Walk

Bill McKibben talks about the thoughts he had, and the people he met along the way, on his hike from Vermont to New York.