Bernie Madoff


Why are we so bad at spotting cons?

Should you respond to that suspiciously attractive suitor on OkCupid? Should you invest your money in a “too-good-to-be-true” land deal? Before you trust anyone, listen to Maria Konnikova talk about the history and psychology of cons.

Conflict & Justice

Bernie Madoff Talks to the Press

Louise Story explains whether the banks and hedgefunds knew what was going on with Bernie Madoff. A lawsuit was filed against Madoff's bank, JP Morgan, on behalf of the victims, and the banks maintain that they aren't complicit.

Conflict & Justice

SEC: We Blew It on Bernie

S.E.C. Inspector General David Kotz released a report stating that the agency had missed numerous opportunities to bust Bernie Madoff and his 16-year Ponzi scheme. The Takeaway talks to David Scheer, S.E.C. reporter for Bloomberg News.