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Who really owns the Israeli-occupied homes in East Jerusalem?

It’s a tale full of intrigue and danger. A Jewish group has bought 25 units in the predominately Arab area of East Jerusalem. Residents are incensed at both the Jews who occupied the homes and the Palestinians who sold the apartments. But no one is entirely sure who sold them or who bought them — or who’s moving in.


Global Politics

Israel and Syria Exchange Fire

There's long been concern that the conflict in Syria could spill over into neighboring countries. Monday, Syrian mortar shells landed in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The World's Matthew Bell is in Jerusalem.

Global Politics

BBC Journalist's Son Killed in Gaza Conflict

The violence between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in Gaza escalated on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Israeli military is continuing to hit militant targets in Gaza. Anchor Aaron Schachter speaks with the BBC's Paul Danahar in Gaza for the latest.