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Catholic Church unveils Pope Francis as next leader

The 115 cardinals of the Catholic Church on Wednesday, after a full day of conclave, chose Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as its next spiritual leader, the 266th leader of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio, who took the name Pope Francis, is an Argentinian and was not among the favorites to ascend to the chair of St. Peter.


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The Pope and the President

President Barack Obama will meet with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican today. Joining The Takeaway is BBC Rome Correspondent David Willey. Also joining us is Cathleen Kaveny, the John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law and Theology at Notre Dame.

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Pope opens door for Anglican communion

Pope Benedict XVI is paving the way for Anglican groups to take communion with the Catholic Church. Guests: Retired Rev. George Langberg, Bishop of the Northeast Anglican Church in America and John Allen, correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter.

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The Pope Visits Cuba

The Pope begins his visit to Cuba on Monday. Many Cubans are ecstatic that the pontiff has chosen to honor Catholics on their island nation. Others worry that the visit overshadows continued political repression.