Ben Bernanke

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Bernanke may go beyond zero

What is a Fed Chairman to do when there are longer rates to cut? How do you keep the economy rolling and have we ever seen this before? The Takeaway talks with Vincent Reinhart, former director of monetary affairs for the Federal Reserve.

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Ben Bernanke reshapes the Fed's place

Federal Reserve Board chair Ben Bernanke is bursting through longstanding boundaries between the Fed and the federal government, some which could fundamentally change the Fed's place in the American economy. Is this a good thing for the independent Fed?

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Man of the week: Federal Reserve Board chair Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve Board chair Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson are taking their biggest steps to regulate a problematic economy. What is it about this former Goldman-Sachs CEO that makes him ready to take on the next big challenge, and so powerful? Guest: Sudeep Reddy, Wall Street Journal economics reporter

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Fannie and Freddie go to Washington

Despite promises from the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board that they will protect Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, shares in the mortgage lenders remained unstable. The Treasury is asking Congress to approve a multibillion-dollar rescue plan, while Ben Bernanke is set to testify on monetary policy this week.