Bashar Assad


Al-Qaeda arrives at Israel's doorstep in the Golan Heights

The Israel-Syria border had been quiet for decades, even though the two countries are technically still at war. But that changed three years ago, when civil war broke out in Syria. Al-Qaeda-linked militants fighting the Syrian regime have battled for the border region, and just won control over it. That is making Israelis quite nervous.


Conflict & Justice

Protests leave several dead in Syria

Sunday, clashes between security forces and demonstrators in the city of Homs left at least seven people dead. Monday, thousands attended the funerals. Walid Saffour is the president of the Syrian Human Rights Committee, based in London.

Conflict & Justice

Syria protests continue

Thousands of Syrians demonstrated today against Bashar Assad's authoritarian regime. On Tuesday, security forces in Homs opened fire with live ammunition on hundreds of anti-government demonstrators. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks with one of the protesters.