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Why this Syrian man regrets bringing Al-Qaeda fighters into his country

Expectations are pretty low for this week's Syria peace talks in Geneva. It will the first time that government and opposition representatives actually meet since the civil war began almost three years ago. But a third major player in the conflict will be missing: the Al-Qaeda-affiliated rebel group that controls much of north-east Syria. Most of its fighters are foreign. Here's the story of one Syrian man who has been forced into exile by the very men he once helped bring into his country.

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This rebel unit in Syria was a major player, now they're disbanded

In Syria a bombing campaign against rebel-held parts of Aleppo killed more than 300 people over the past 10 days according to activists. Meanwhile across Northern Syria, the mainstream armed opposition –the Free Syrian Army-- has lost the upper hand to a coalition of Islamic brigades and to al-Qaeda-linked groups. Here’s the story of one FSA unit that started as a major player in the insurgency in Latakia province, and ended the year disbanded.


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Fleeing Syria's crackdown

Syria's crackdown against anti-government protesters continues. Ben Gilbert reports on residents of one Syrian village who fled across the border into Lebanon after the Syrian military cracked down on protesters in their home town.

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War Crimes Pressure

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with former US Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues, David Scheffer. He discusses how the possibility of indictment could influence President Bashar al Assad in Syria.