Barack Obama


Global Politics

Senator Obama abroad

The World's Jason Margolis has a preview of Barack Obama's high-stakes trip to the Middle East and Europe; the trip is seen as a high risk, high reward move for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Global Politics

US foreign policy toward Iraq

Not so long ago, US foreign policy toward Iraq loomed as a major issue in the US presidential campaign, but in recent months, Iraq's impact on the elections has gone through a transformation.

Global Politics

Anti-war democrats

As the Democratic Convention gets underway in Denver, The World's Matthew Bell examines the on-going tensions between the Obama campaign and the anti-war faction of the Democratic Party.

Conflict & Justice

McCain and the Latine vote

Republicans are trying to convince more young Latinos that John McCain will keep their communities safe and strong and that he's the best candidate on immigration issues. The World's Jason Margolis speaks with some of McCain's Latino supporters.

Arts, Culture & Media

Obama, the Elder

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Boston Globe reporter Sally Jacobs about the life and career of Barack Obama Senior, the father of the U.S. presidential candidate.

Conflict & Justice

New voters in Colorado

The Obama and McCain campaigns are both targeting immigrants from Latin America. Kirk Siegler of public radio station KUNC in Denver tells us Latinos in Colorado are getting a lot of attention this week.