Arun Rath

Conflict & Justice

Bradley Manning Trial Continues

The court martial against Bradley Manning is in its second week. The Army private has already admitted leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents and US State Department cables. He is still facing charges that could result in a life sentence.


Magician Jeff McBride and his Clone

The intrigue of magicians stealing each other's secrets is as old as the art of magic itself. But today, the hyper-connectivity of the world has made ripping off tricks a hundred times easier and a million times faster. It's a huge intl business, and once again the prime violator of intellectual property rights is China.

Conflict & Justice

Bradley Manning Offers 'Naked Plea'

Thursday, US Army private Bradley Manning, who was charged with sharing classified documents with the group Wikileaks, shed some light on why he did it. Manning spoke at military hearing in Maryland. He pleaded guilty to some of the charges against him.