Ari Daniel Shapiro

National Moth Week

Citizen scientists worldwide have been out at night to search for the fluttery denizens of darkness, the moths, during the second annual National ( and now international) Moth Week.

Creating Tulips

When it's spring again, millions of tulips bloom across the Dutch landscape, and new hybrids in a myriad colors are being created every year.

The Vital Role of Bacteria

Without the bacteria in our own bodies, or deep in the soil and the oceans, we could not flourish and grow, and nor could any of the plants we depend on.


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Global Hit

A French professor of art and music contends that ancient cave paintings were part of music-filled rituals. Reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro visited a cave with the French professor and an American skeptic.


Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the northernmost state in Costa Rica: Guanacaste. Reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro reports on new research into the musical "call and response" patterns of birdcalls in Costa Rica's Santa Rosa National Park.

Tiny Glider Swims Big

A Rutgers University team launches an underwater robotic glider. RU27 is zigzagging under the sea, collecting data on water temperature and salt levels to give scientists clues about the impact of climate change on the ocean.

The Poetry of the Ocean

The ocean is teeming with life and chemistry and also poetry. It's an idea that helps oceanographer John Delaney gain a deeper understanding of our planet.

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Cold-water diving

We're looking for the name of a large island in the Pacific northwest. The Queen Charlotte Strait separates this 300-mile long island from mainland BC. At the northern end of the island is God's Pocket Marine Provincial Park. Scuba divers flock there.