Anne Strainchamps

Arts, Culture & Media

Cultural touchtones

The Peanuts, Star Wars, Sputnik, Miles Davis, and Frank Lloyd Wright -- how these figures, creations, endeavors and events became America's cultural touchtones.

Arts, Culture & Media

Aging artfully

A look at the life cycles of artistic creativity -- with musician Nick Lowe, author Amy Gorman and screen writer Millard Kaufman.


Learning science

Using hip-hop to teach Newton's Three Laws of Motion, how "Nova" stays current, and the life and times of Albert Einstein.


The Malleable Mind

How the brain can repair itself, the brain on drugs, how motherhood changes women's brains, and future artificial brains.



Living Green

'To the Best of Our Knowledge' takes a look at how individuals are trying to do good for the planet.

Arts, Culture & Media

Wizard Rock

The enormous subculture created by fans of the Harry Potter books has spawned a new genre of music, as well as other creative endeavors.