Alex Gallafent


What Wikileaks reveals about Saudi Arabia

When Wikileaks released a tranche of US diplomatic cables recently, the machinations of Saudi Arabia caused some headlines. That's Saudi Arabia. Long-term Saudi watchers caution against reading the cables on their own. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.

Conflict & Justice

Al Jazeera's impact on Libya

The World's Alex Gallafent reports on Al Jazeera's impact on events in Libya. The TV network's Arabic language news coverage is watched via satellite by many Libyans hungry for something other than the official coverage on Libya's state-run broadcasters.

World in Words - poet Sergei Mikhalkov

He was best known for writing lyrics for this tune. It's the national anthem of Russia. It was also the anthem of the old Soviet Union. Mikhalkov wrote different lyrics for each. The World's Alex Gallafent has more.