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French-Malian chamber music

For today's geo quiz, we're looking for a West African country and its capital. The capital sits on the banks of the Niger River and it's one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. For decades, this city has played a major role in world music.

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Caribbean island

Shake off that winter chill and start daydreaming about a tropical vacation. The Geo Quiz is taking us to a Caribbean island. It's the smaller of two main islands that make up a nation.

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The D

For the weekend Global Hit, The World's Adeline Sire tells us about a French band that likes to think outside the French box. The name of the band is �The DØ? � it stands for Dan and Olivia, Dan Levy and Olivia Merilahti, who make up the band.

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The Kronos Quartet

The Kronos Quartet is known for its wild, wide-ranging collaborations. The latest one took the San Francisco string quartet on a trip of sorts to Central Asia. The World's Adeline Sire recently caught up with Kronos's artistic director David Harrington.

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Madame White Snake

A new opera will premiere in Boston on Friday. It's based on the ancient Chinese legend that has never been brought to a Western audience. Sung in English with projected English and Chinese titles. The World's Adeline Sire has more.