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Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah promotes interfaith collaboration

In Spain today, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah is leading an unusual religious gathering. He's called together leaders from the world's major religions ? Islam, Christianity, Judaism ? not to debate hot-button religious issues, but to find common ground for confronting humanitarian crises. Guest: Roger Hardy, BBC Middle East Analyst, in London


Saudi women challenge driving ban

Women in Saudi Arabia can't drive cars because the conservative kingdom forbids women to drive, but some Saudi women are challenging the law and they're using YouTube to get their message out, as The BBC's Crispin Thorold has the story.


Saudi woman who broke laws by driving granted reprieve

Shaima Jastaniah showed her independence last summer by driving. The simple act by her and other Saudi Arabian women broke the law, and Jastaniah was sentenced to 10 lashes for it. She was pardoned by the Saudi king, but police said they'd lash her anyway. Now the police have reversed course.