Aaron Schachter


ISIS may disappear much faster than you expect

ISIS is dominating the headlines, but how much do we really know about the brutal terrorist group? How did ISIS become a major force so quickly? You may be shocked to learn that their startling rise to power may be followed by a relatively quick fall from grace.

Global Politics

Is there hope for resistance in North Korea?

Producer James Jones and Columbia University North Korea scholar — and former CIA analyst — Sue Mi Terry participated in a live chat on Wednesday to answer questions about Frontline's new documentary, "Secret State of North Korea." They were joined by guest questioner, The World's Aaron Schachter.

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Lou Reed's Berlin

The music world has paid tribute to singer and former Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed, who died on Sunday aged 71. To many fans, Lou Reed represents the dark and dangerous side of the Lower East Side in New York. But in 1973, Lou Reed recorded an album that moved the doom and gloom to East and West Berlin.