Yael Even Or

Yael Even Or

Yael Even Or is a multimedia journalist and a producer on America Abroad. Her reporting and commentary has appeared PRI’s “The World”, WNYC, The Jewish Daily Forward, Tablet Magazine, Okay Africa, and South African Daily Maverick among other publications. She's originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, and has served as a political editor, 2012 US election correspondent, and news editor for Israel’s Walla News, one of the most popular websites in the country.

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How a couple's Fitbit told them they were expecting

David Trinidad and his wife Ivonne had just recently started using Fitbits, when Ivonne said that hers was malfunctioning. The device was showing an unusually high resting heart rate and recorded 10 hours in one day in what it called the “fat burning zone,” even though she had not been particularly active. But her Fitbit wasn't broken — she was pregnant.